What is Fact & Fantasy?

Fact & Fantasy is a web page where I intend to write about whatever strikes my fancy. Sometimes it will be a piece about my opinions about what is going on the world, sometimes it will be a story I have written and sometimes it will be a fragment of a story that I would like to turn into a full story. I have this idea that I may include book reviews, but time will tell. I hope to occasionally post articles by others as well.


To give you some idea as to where I am coming from. I am a Christian IT Professional who is an avid reader. I fence in the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism).


2 thoughts on “What is Fact & Fantasy?”

  1. while preparing a Bible Study on Psalms 119:65-80, i came across your blog. is there a relationship between your comments on these verses and those before and after?

    1. The answer is that it depends on what speaks to me in my Bible study that day. I realized about two years ago that there is a theme running through Psalm 119 (before I started this blog I never really thought about Psalm 119) and ever since then I have tried to keep that theme in mind when I write about that psalm. Sometimes when I write the blog what I write is related to what I wrote the previous day. Sometimes it is related to what I get from the other passages that day. Finally, sometimes each peace of the daily blog is a stand alone piece. I would like to say that it depends on how the Spirit inspires me, but the truth is that most of the time I am just writing something to fill the space because I have made a commitment to do so (primarily that commitment is to myself). If I don’t discipline myself to do it every day I will stop doing it all together.

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