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September 9, 2017 Bible Study — A Warning To Spiritual Leaders…And To The Rest Of Us As Well

I am using the daily Bible reading schedule from “The Bible.net” for my daily Bible reading.

Today, I am reading and commenting on Ezekiel 34-36.

    OK, so yesterday I accidentally skipped this passage. The passage I did yesterday was supposed to be for today, and vice versa. However, I think I am in a better state of mind for this one today than I was yesterday. The passage starts out with a rebuke to the spiritual leaders of Ezekiel’s day; one which applies to many today. The passage starts out with condemnation of those who make their living as spiritual leaders who fail to care for those who supply their living. It is particularly aimed at those spiritual leaders who live well. In a way we should take the list of things they are condemned for not doing as a set of instructions. We should care for the weak, tend the sick, bind up the wounds of the injured, and seek the lost. The line which really struck my from this is “They have wandered through all the mountains and all the hills, across the face of the earth, yet no one has gone to search for them.” That reads to me like a not so subtle hint for each and everyone of us. Have you looked for God’s lost sheep? Have you at least checked in your backyard?

    The beginning of this passage is addressed to spiritual leaders, particularly those who make their living that way. However, Ezekiel soon segues into addressing everyone. You may not be just one of the flock, but were you responsible for driving out into the wilderness one of those lost for whom God is searching? Even if we are not spiritual leaders we can give those whose faith is weaker than ours the impression that they are not good enough to be one of God’s sheep, that they are not good enough to graze in this pasture. Instead of pushing aside and out the spiritually sick and hungry, let us surround them and protect them from the predators waiting for them. Let us encourage them to eat the choice spiritual food while we take the attacks from the predators who wish to prey on them. God may not have given us the gifts to guide them to the pasture He has provided for them, but we can at least stand between them and those who wish them harm.

September 8, 2016 Bible Study — A Warning to the Shepherds…and to the Sheep

I am using the daily Bible reading schedule from “The Bible.net” for my daily Bible reading. Later this month it will be my wife’s and my 16th anniversary. To celebrate this event I have decided to wish my wife Happy Anniversary for 16 days.

Happy Anniversary, Alanna


(Yes, I know that is her birthday cake)

Today, I am reading and commenting on Ezekiel 34-36.

    First, God gave a message to those whom He had appointed as leaders over His people. He condemned them for using their position to enrich themselves while not looking after the flock. I read this passage and feel the anger which God was expressing towards those who had assigned the task of looking after His people. He gave them special privileges and luxuries in order that they might be strengthened to care for His people. Instead of looking after His people and searching for the lost to bring them home, they enjoyed those luxuries and relaxed in comfort. Rather than caring for God’s flock, they took care of themselves. They fed themselves and left God’s sheep to starve. God will hold them responsible.

dscn0914(Yes, I know that is her birthday cake)

    God has appointed a good shepherd who will care for His sheep. That shepherd is Jesus Christ. However, God has a warning for the sheep as well, because the stronger sheep bullied the weaker sheep and would not let them eat. The condemnation of the stronger, healthier sheep included the fact that they were not content to keep the weaker sheep from the best pasture and best streams. They went beyond keeping the best pasture for themselves. They trampled the pastures where they did not eat and muddied the streams where they did not drink. As I read all of this I am struck about how God is calling us to be sensitive to the needs of those who are less able to care for themselves.


    God’s sheep are scattered all over the earth. Are we willing to go searching for those who are lost? Some of His sheep are starving and sickly, not knowing where to get fed. Are we anxious to welcome them into our pasture and guide them to the most succulent morsels, making sure that they drink fresh, clean water from God’s well? Or to put it another way, are we willing to make sacrifices from our comfortable lives to help those who are lonely and struggling experience the love of God?