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December 7, 2017 Bible Study — To Him Who Is Able To Do Immeasurably More Than We Can Ask Or Imagine

I am using the daily Bible reading schedule from “The Bible.net” for my daily Bible reading. I am pleased that more people have been reading my blog, but am somewhat disappointed that so few bother to click the link and read the Bible passage which I am commenting on. Perhaps some of you are reading the passage in other formats. If so, that is wonderful. I have been blessed by reading through the Bible each year and promise that if you do so you will be as well. My wish is that each of you will read a portion of the Bible for yourself each day, even if it is not the passage which I am commenting on.

Today, I am reading and commenting on Ephesians 1-3.

    There are three themes which Paul writes about in today’s passage to which I want to bring your attention. Paul reminds us that we have been saved by the gift of God’s grace, which we receive through faith. We do not have anything to boast about because our salvation is a freely given gift from God, even the faith through which we receive it is a gift from God. Even though we have been made righteous through God’s grace we have no basis to consider ourselves better than anyone else because that righteousness is not a product of our own actions. Rather it is a product of the Holy Spirit acting within us. Paul goes further to indicate that the Holy Spirit created this righteousness within us in order that we might do good works. Our good works do not make us righteous, they are our response to being made righteous.

    One of the results of the Holy Spirit working within us is that the dividing walls of hostility which come between members of various human defined groups are destroyed. If the Holy Spirit is truly working within us we will be united with those believers whom the world teaches that we should hate. Anyone who accepts God’s grace becomes a member of the Body of Christ, no matter what their background. This is but one of the things which the power of God can accomplish. Throughout this passage Paul writes about the amazing power of God. Power which is able to do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine. Joining together into one Body those who were taught to hate each other is but one aspect of the ways this power can work beyond our power to imagine. I want to come back to what Paul says here about God’s power. God is able to do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine. We need to remember this when we pray about the things we struggle with. We are not even able to imagine the solutions to our problems which God has. One of our failures of imagination is seeing problems where God is providing blessings.

September 24, 2015 Bible Study — The Mystery of Christ

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Proverbs 24:1-2

    The wicked may seem like they have everything they want, but they are constantly stirring up trouble and plotting violence. It is sometimes hard to remember that the “nice” things such people have do not offset the sense of self=loathing we would have if we acted like they do.


Psalm 68:1-18

    The wicked fear God and His presence drives them away, but the godly rejoice in His presence. God is father to the fatherless and a defender to widows. The powerless turn to Him for justice, and He grants it to them. God will turn aside a mighty army with a horde of those with no military skills. They will flee leaving behind their wealth for those they thought to oppress. Let us praise God for His mighty acts.


Ephesians 3

    We, as people, constantly want to separate ourselves into groups. Those who are “inside”, or us, separated from those who are on the “outside”, or them. Paul points out the great mystery of the Gospel. God has declared that these two designation no longer have any meaning. He sent Christ for the purpose of uniting all people into one body (and by body Paul does not mean group, he genuinely means a body composed of many people, just as our bodies are composed of many cells). God intends for the Church, the Assembly of believers, to demonstrate this new way of being. God has called us to demonstrate that the Gospel message is for all people, not matter what their heritage. In God’s plan as revealed through Christ, there are no Jews and Gentiles, there are no Brahmans and Untouchables, there are no Blacks, Whites, Asians. In God’s plan there are only people, who need to accept God’s love and grace.


Isaiah 43:14-45:10

    Here Isaiah prophesied what Paul said in the Ephesians passage. God declared through Isaiah that He was going to do a new thing. God has chosen a people for Himself, that people is composed of those who proudly declare that they are His and follow His commands. God will pour out His Spirit on those people who will proudly proclaim themselves as belonging to Him, those who take the name of Israel as their own.
    I was going to stop there, but I really have to comment on the end of this passage. What a sad day we have come to when people believe that they have the understanding to tell their Creator, “Stop, you are doing it wrong!” We live in a society where children have sued their parents for giving them birth…and there are those who think they are right to have done so. God is our Creator and He has made us the way we are for a purpose. Let us recognize that our physical flaws are not a mistake, they are there to serve God’s purpose.