September 6, 2017 Bible Study — Do Not Take Credit For the Gifts Which God Has Given You

I am using the daily Bible reading schedule from “The” for my daily Bible reading.

Today, I am reading and commenting on Ezekiel 29-31.

    The Pharaoh and the people of Egypt thought that they were gods, that they had made themselves great. Ancient Egypt’s power and wealth came from its position along the Nile. The people of Egypt had become so content in the position of power and wealth which resulted from their location that they believed that they had created it for themselves. They failed to acknowledge that their wealth and power were, in part, the result of things over which they had no control. They were guilty of the same hubris of which Ezekiel accused the King of Tyre; they thought they were gods. Reading this, it is easy to see how the people of the United States can fall into the same error. Egypt was a land with natural defenses and with resources to rise to power. The United States has similar advantages. In both cases, these natural features did not automatically make the nations powerful and wealthy. It required the people to make the most of the assets they were given. However, in both cases the temptation to take credit for the gifts which God gave them was/is great and many people have fallen into that temptation.

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