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Warning: Rant ahead. If you are the easily offended or quick-to-judge type who call this a first-world problem, please, enlighten me so we can all be perfect like you.


Not the most creative title, I know, and I typically try to be creative…

but today, it’s not happening, and I don’t care.

You may think this is a rant against the weather people…it’s not.

You may think this is a rant against my boss or work in general…it’s not.

You may think this is a rant against God…it’s not.

If you think this is a rant about anger, you win the internet! After all, I did attend the Madeline Kahn School of Anger Management

You may also think, “Wow, she overreacts a lot!” How observant of you! Show me someone who *NEVER* overreacts, or thinks they have it All Together because of their faith, or because they were Saved, or whatever reason, and I’ll show you someone who is *LYING* to themselves! (or perhaps, you only think they think they have it all together)

Today is Monday, March 3rd.

Remember that pesky 12-inch snowstorm that was to happen, oh, about 14 hours ago…and ala Scumbag Steve, it didn’t?

I’m okay with that. Weather is weird. It’s challenging to predict. I get that!

“16 days until Spring! :-)” someone wrote on Facebook.

If this means crocuses will come up even quicker, then yay!

Weather prognosticators make mistakes. We ALL make mistakes. It happens!

But what got my back up was the hype.

It all started Thursday: Schools, government buildings,major road construction projects, etc., were canceled.

Even my fencing class was canceled! Attila and I *LOVE* to fence (as you probably figured out from the photos that adorn his blog)

Road treatments like sand and brine are everywhere.

And it was all for naught. What a waste of time and resources!

I pull up weather pages, and gleefully sit back and read slamming and damning comments towards the weather “experts” for getting this one wrong, for the lack of accountability, etc.

(An aside: In medieval times, theatregoers threw produce at the actors if they didn’t like the performance. Not much has changed in 415 years.)

Now I’m not one to lend credence to conspiracy theories, but when the weather sites and news stations call for a significant weather event to take place, and they hype it *FIVE DAYS* ahead of time…well, I can’t help but think they did it for the ratings, or whatever agenda they’re currently pushing.

And so, when it became apparent that today’s Snow Day was not to be, along with schoolchildren and other working stiffs, I returned to my Monday routine…

Except there was a growing ball of anger in the pit of my stomach.

Before leaving for my “real” job, I log into my website, to try and build up my little business. Yes, I have my own business as an independent consultant (I sell Tastefully Simple), and while I do try to be positive and upbeat, I’m here to tell you that most, if not all consultants, have bad days here and there (read: we do not poop rainbows all the time like a nyan cat).

Nothing goes right:  My contacts are lost. Emails don’t go through. The “How May I Help You” button, is not there to help me.

Remember that ball I mentioned that’s in the pit of my stomach? It grows a little bit bigger.

So I head into work. I am at my desk and my boss gives me grief about something I did incorrectly on a project I busted my butt on for the last month. I was under a tight deadline, and I missed stuff. My bad; I should have been more diligent.

And said ball grows larger.

My work day ends, I get into my car, and begin to drive home.

Unless you live under a rock, you probably know the road conditions:



<tires squeal>


Come to Pennsylvania! The potholes are lovely this time of year!

The growing ball continues to expand.

So I turn on the radio to listen to Praise music, and I pray as best I can with eyes open, while driving, and I ask God to take this ball of anger away before I drive into a ditch…

And I hear about the One who goes before me, to paraphrase Isaiah…

The relief is not instantaneous (I’m still somewhat fuming…ugh) but I am not afraid to lay it all before Him. I know He accepts and loves whingy little insignificant me.

I do have a point here, really, I do!!

And that is, when we’re children, we’re taught that no problem is too big for God to handle. The inverse is also true: No gripe, no first-world problem, is too small, too unimportant, for God. Don’t ever feel afraid or embarrassed to bring your problem to Jesus. Whether your toddler made a mess on the kitchen floor that you just cleaned, the guy in front of you in traffic just got on your last nerve, or if you’re like me, and you have a temper tantrum at the drop of a hat…whether your issue is anger, impatience, jealousy…NONE OF IT is too insignificant for God. If you let Him, He will remove it from your stressed, burdened, heavy-laden heart/mind/soul.