January 17, 2018 Bible Study — Jacob Prophesies

I am using the daily Bible reading schedule from “The Bible.net” for my daily Bible reading.

Today, I am reading and commenting on Genesis 48-50.

    There are two interesting things here. First, Jacob adopts Joseph’s two sons as his own. The result of this is that there are 12 tribes plus the tribe of Levi. Second, despite adopting Joseph’s two sons as his own, when Jacob gives his final blessings to all of his sons he does not list the two boys, only their father Joseph. Jacob’s blessing of his sons reflects their lives up to this point, but it is also a prophecy about their descendants. I find it interesting to keep in mind as I read through the rest of the Old Testament, particularly Exodus through Judges. Of course, Jacob’s blessing on Judah contains a prophecy concerning Christ as well.