November 20, 2017 Bible Study — Mistakes and Misunderstandings

I am using the daily Bible reading schedule from “The” for my daily Bible reading. I am on a business trip over the weekend and into next week, so my posts may be somewhat abbreviated.

Today, I am reading and commenting on Acts 21-22.

    I have wondered for several years if the multiple prophecies which Paul received about what would happen when he arrived in Jerusalem this time were a warning for Paul not to go to Jerusalem, which Paul ignored. All of the sermons and teachings I have heard or read about Paul going to Jerusalem suggest that Paul is to be admired for going to Jerusalem despite knowing what would happen if he did so. However, I wonder if the success of Paul’s ministry after his arrest does not more represent God making use of us when we are faithful, even when we make mistakes.
    Certainly, the advice given to Paul by the Church leaders when he got to Jerusalem was a mistake. There were Jewish believers who continued to follow the Law of Moses and had heard, and believed, rumors that Paul taught Jews to stop following the Law of Moses. In order to show these believers that Paul approved of Jews continuing to follow the Law they asked him to accompany some believers who were completing a Nazirite Vow (a vow of dedication to God set forth in the Law of Moses). Unfortunately, some Jews from Asia saw Paul in the Temple and believing that Paul did not honor the Temple concluded that he had defiled it by bringing a Gentile tourist into the Temple with him.